What are your wedding prices?

My wedding packages start at $1500. I know planning your wedding can be both expensive, and stressful, but I would love to talk with you about how I can be a perfect fit for your big day! Contact me and we can discuss my wedding packages in more detail.

How do I book with you?

Thank you for putting your trust in me! The easiest way to book a wedding, event, or portrait session with me would be to contact me via email: adam@islandattitude.org — Of course, all of my information and links to social media outlets can be found on the contact me tab/page.

How long does it take to get my photos?

I pride myself in delivering the final product as quick as I possibly can, but there’s no solid or consistent answer to this question–and to be honest, it totally depends on the product. I strive to give every client my full attention before, during, and after–but a portrait session with a delivery of 30 images is going to be processed faster than a wedding where I’m delivering hundreds of images to the average client.

Will you send me your RAW photos to edit myself or have someone else do it?

Unfortunately, post processing is absolutely essential to my style! I don’t give an unfinished product to my clients.

Do you deliver all of the photos you capture?

If only it were that easy… Unfortunately, not every photo is going to be identified as a “keeper.”  I only deliver the best photos, and if you’re noticing that certain shots don’t make the cut, I can assure you there’s a reason for it.